23 Feb

After victory on Sunday night, Manchester City have scored 13 consecutive Premier League wins, but that is not the best record they have achieved. As well as major league teams Who have deposited great works at one time as well So today, let's take a look back at how many Big 6 have ever set the record for the highest consecutive wins? 1.Liverpool - 18 games in a row Finished with the Reds, who have the highest consecutive win record of 18 games with Manchester City, which just happened last season when Liverpool won their first sleepover title in 30 years He's consistently exploding in good form, breaking many records. However, unfortunately form came lightly towards the end of the season. But still, it still collected 99 points together for that straight-winning record, starting from Week 10, reaching Week 27, before turning it over to Watford, the Plum team, breaking out of championship form to 3. -0 at the beginning of 2020 earlier 2. Manchester City - 18 games in a row Of course, for the Blues, it might not have to go very far, because in the previous 2017/18 season we should remember how great the power of Pep Guardiola was. Sweeping, breaking the record as saying play Having won a very big possession by making it 100 points leading a single roll, the 18-game record that started from the third week until the 20th week before missing out on the Crystal Palace category. Almost lost. Fortunately, Luka Milivoyevic slid the penalty to Ederson's save in extra time. Make the same to 0-0 in the game that day. 3. Arsenal - 14 games in a row For the cannon party Needed to balance back during the 2001/02 and 2002/03 seasons, they were still one of the biggest Premier League champions, seemingly every year at the time, 14 of those matches starting at the game of the week. 26 of the 2001/02 season until the end of the season by winning possession. Unfortunately, in game two of the new season, they were knocked out by West Ham by a 2-2 equalization that Arsenal would have to chase two goals at the end of the game. 4. Chelsea - 13 matches in a row It was the turn of the Blue Lions, with the statistics being made during the 2016/17 season under the control of Antonio Conte from the seventh week of games to the 19th week before the start of a new 2017 season. They opened the year with a 2-0 defeat to Spurs, stopping their record in 13 games in a row, however, ultimately, they managed to finish the championship that season. 5. Manchester United - 12 games in a row For the Red Devils, perhaps they will have to go a long way back for their most successive league win record. This happened consecutively during the 1999/00 season and 2000/01, where in the year 99/00 they won in the last 11 games, winning a very large possession. But after the start of the new season, they will have to freeze the record in 12 games because they only managed to break Ipswich Town 1-1 in Game 2 of the season. 6. Tottenham Hotspur - 9 games in a row It's another golden age for Spurs in the 2016-17 season under the control of Mauricio Pochettino. They do an excellent job until the end of the season with the second place, which year champion, went to Chelsea, but the Golden Moon. Also set a record for winning consecutive 9 games at the end of the season Which is the most record in club history as well


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